Not all JSON posts are created equal

by Anthony 16. November 2013 07:22

For a little while I was confused on how to perform a JSON post to MVC and have the objects model automatically resolve.  Should I use JSON.Stringify or should I just post the JSON directly?  It turns out the answer is YES with caveats?  What?!?!?  Let me explain.  Lets say you are posting a a simple list of parameters to a method with a signature like this:

public ActionResult _GetBooksbyGenre(string genre, int count, string requestedBy)

This action can be called by performing a simple JSON post like this:

        url: "_GetBooksbyGenre",
        type: "post",
        data: { genre: "Horror", count: 10, requestedBy: "me" },
        success: function(data) {

No fuss no muss, a simple call with no JSON stringify.  Now lets say you have a complex nesting of JSON Objects like Genre>Book>Author


Here is a JSON Representation of that object:

	Name: "Horror",
			Title: "The Call of Cthulhu",
			WritenBy: {
				FirstName: "H.P.",
				LastName: "Lovecraft"
		{ Title: "The Fall of the House of Usher" }, {
			WritenBy: {
				FirstName: "Edgar Allan",
				LastName: "Poe"

If we post this to a action with the following signature :

public ActionResult _GetBooksbyGenre(string genre, int count, string requestedBy)

With a similar ajax method:

	url: "_AddBooksbyGenre",
	type: "post",
	data: horrorGenre,
	success: function(data) {

It posts just fine and we get the name of the Genre But all of the nested objects are null?  This occurs because the MVC object serializer does not understand the nested representation since it is not JSON it is POST data.  The difference is the standard post data is not JSON, the $.ajax method is interpreting the json and submitting it as form data.  The post data looks like this:


That is not JSON, and it is not in a format MVC understands.

If we make minor changes to the ajax call:

	url: "_AddBooksbyGenre",
	type: "post",
        contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
	data:  JSON.stringify(horrorGenre),
	success: function(data) {


The key to the changes are the highlighted items.  When this is posted you get the following in the request stream:

{"Name":"Horror","Books":[{"Title":"The Call of Cthulhu","WritenBy":{"FirstName":"H.P.","LastName":"Lovecraft"}},{"Title":"The Fall of the House of Usher"},{"WritenBy":{"FirstName":"Edgar Allan","LastName":"Poe"}}]}

Now that is JSON.  So the moral of the story is, if you are just posting flat params you can use JSON.stringify but it doesn't really matter.  If you are posting complex JSON you need to use JSON.stringify with the "application/json" content type.  I hope that clears up the confusion for some people.  I know, for a while, I just thought I was going crazy when it worked sometimes but not other but when I finally understood what was going on it made complete sense.  



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Visual Studio 2013 Don't do this...

by Anthony 10. November 2013 13:35

I just installed Visual Studio 2013 and wanted to create a new MVC project.  I could wait to see all of the new cool templates. So I did like I usually do Open visual studio and picked the File>New>Project:

And I went to web templates:


Then I thought PFFF, I don't want no stinking ASP.NET Web Forms, not noticing it did not say "ASP.NET Web Forms" it says "ASP.NET Web Application".  So I went and looked at the Visual Studio 2012 templates:



OH THERE IT IS... Wrong, don't do this.  You will spend the next 20 minutes re-factoring to MVC 5.  If I just paid more attention I would have seen this:


When I paid more attention I clicked the correct link which was the first link I came to.  Then I was presented with the following:


Color my face red...  Once I created the app this way all of the new features (Twitter Bootstrap, MVC 5, and EF 6.0) were present.  Hopefully this save someone the time I wasted.


Happy Coding!!!

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