Not all JSON posts are created equal

by Anthony 16. November 2013 07:22

For a little while I was confused on how to perform a JSON post to MVC and have the objects model automatically resolve.  Should I use JSON.Stringify or should I just post the JSON directly?  It turns out the answer is YES with caveats?  What?!?!?  Let me explain.  Lets say you are posting a a simple list of parameters to a method with a signature like this:

public ActionResult _GetBooksbyGenre(string genre, int count, string requestedBy)

This action can be called by performing a simple JSON post like this:

        url: "_GetBooksbyGenre",
        type: "post",
        data: { genre: "Horror", count: 10, requestedBy: "me" },
        success: function(data) {

No fuss no muss, a simple call with no JSON stringify.  Now lets say you have a complex nesting of JSON Objects like Genre>Book>Author


Here is a JSON Representation of that object:

	Name: "Horror",
			Title: "The Call of Cthulhu",
			WritenBy: {
				FirstName: "H.P.",
				LastName: "Lovecraft"
		{ Title: "The Fall of the House of Usher" }, {
			WritenBy: {
				FirstName: "Edgar Allan",
				LastName: "Poe"

If we post this to a action with the following signature :

public ActionResult _GetBooksbyGenre(string genre, int count, string requestedBy)

With a similar ajax method:

	url: "_AddBooksbyGenre",
	type: "post",
	data: horrorGenre,
	success: function(data) {

It posts just fine and we get the name of the Genre But all of the nested objects are null?  This occurs because the MVC object serializer does not understand the nested representation since it is not JSON it is POST data.  The difference is the standard post data is not JSON, the $.ajax method is interpreting the json and submitting it as form data.  The post data looks like this:


That is not JSON, and it is not in a format MVC understands.

If we make minor changes to the ajax call:

	url: "_AddBooksbyGenre",
	type: "post",
        contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
	data:  JSON.stringify(horrorGenre),
	success: function(data) {


The key to the changes are the highlighted items.  When this is posted you get the following in the request stream:

{"Name":"Horror","Books":[{"Title":"The Call of Cthulhu","WritenBy":{"FirstName":"H.P.","LastName":"Lovecraft"}},{"Title":"The Fall of the House of Usher"},{"WritenBy":{"FirstName":"Edgar Allan","LastName":"Poe"}}]}

Now that is JSON.  So the moral of the story is, if you are just posting flat params you can use JSON.stringify but it doesn't really matter.  If you are posting complex JSON you need to use JSON.stringify with the "application/json" content type.  I hope that clears up the confusion for some people.  I know, for a while, I just thought I was going crazy when it worked sometimes but not other but when I finally understood what was going on it made complete sense.  



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Jquery Spellchecker for .NET

by Anthony 24. February 2013 08:08

Spell checkers on the web are dying.  Most modern browsers detect spelling mistakes for you, HOWEVER, there are some circumstances where it still makes sence to have them.  Take the following word:


  • pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis
    • this is “a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust, causing inflammation in the lungs.” Another term for the same condition is silicosis.


Spell checkers are not going to pick that word up, sure you could add it to the dictionary, but what if you work in a field where those types of words come up all of the time.  That is where custom dictionaries come into play. 

Another issue is IE9, I know what your saying, "Why are you using IE?"  First, I am not, but my users are and they want spell check too.  I found a very nice implementation of a JQuery Spell checker, that even plugs into Tiny MCE (also in the example) written by Richard Willis at  

Unfortunately the backend is written in PHP.  So I found another port of the PHP code to .net written by Jack Yang  Unfortunately, this supported an older version of the spell check library but failed on the new version.  Also it only supported the google spell checker which had some limitations.

So long story short, I rewrote it to support .NET.  You can find it here:

Hope it helps others looking for a spell checker.

EDIT AS OF  2/28

I have refactored the code to make it easier to add new spell check libraries.  You can still find it at the same location. 

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MSMQ and SignalR, real time client messaging

by Anthony 16. February 2013 09:48

First I would like to say thank you to David Fowler and all whom have contributed to the SignalR project.  They have really created a fantastic library for real time web communication.  I have been studying up on SignalR and have tinkered with it a bit in preparation for a up and coming project I have.  Long story short, I want to inform users asynchronously of there completed requests for parsing or OCRing a PDF file.  This posed a few issues.

Issue 1.  The server used to parse the PDF file is separate from the web server.

Issue 2. The PDF parser is a Windows Service 

Issue 3. Users do not want to receive e-mails.

Issue 4. Some users want to see all items processed

Okay, so it was a pretty easy decision what to use to send and receive messages.  MSMQ; its free on windows, it is easy to implement in .net, it is asynchronous and it will scale if needed.  That takes care of Issue 1 and 2 as I now have a Queue with which to send and receive messages.  I am not going to go into detail on the MSMQ product as it is well documented.  If you are interested in learning more about it I would suggest this MSDN article.

Now for issue 3; informing the user.  SignalR seemed like a perfect solution.  It uses a publisher/subscriber design pattern to allow multiple clients to connect to a hub and messages are pushed to the open client connections. The easiest way to begin using SignalR is to create an new MVC 4 template project in VisualStudio and add the SignalR NuGetPackage(Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR).  SignalR is still in pre-release so you will need to change your NuGet package manager to "Include Pre-release" or use the package manager console and type:

Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR -pre

Either way will work.  Now the fun part. First we need to set up our MSMQ communication.  


MSMQ is a receiver/sender model so we will first need to get messages in the queue.  If you do not have MSMQ installed you will need add it as a windows feature (I am using Windows 7, Windows 8 has a similar interface):

Once installed you will need to open computer management expand the "Service and Applications" you should now see an "Message Queuing" section like the following:


Then create a new private queue for creating your messages (you can use a public queue but that requires an Active Directory connection):

The queue should not be transactional as transactions are not required.  (You can read more about transactions in the aforementioned article.)  I am just going to name it "test":

Now the queue is complete and you can added messages.  I've created some helper classes that will perform some of the basic MSMQ interations.  They will be included in the completed project.

Since we will not be creating an actual service we will need to create a page to add messages to the Queue.  The easiest way to do this is to add a new model class and add an action to your controller.  The model class will be something simple like the following:

public class CompleteMessage
    public string CompletionMessage { get; set; }
    public bool Successful { get; set; }
    public string SessionId { get; set; }
    public string ErrorMessage { get; set; }

We will call the action CreateTestMessage:

public ActionResult CreateTestMesage()
    ViewBag.Message = "Create a message.";
    return View();

public ActionResult CreateTestMesage(CompleteMessage AddedMessage)
    AddedMessage.SessionId = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Session.SessionID;
    MessageSender.SendMessage(AddedMessage, AddedMessage.SessionId);
    //redirect to a fresh page
    return RedirectToAction("CreateTestMesage");

Create a databound view for the action by right clicking inside the action and selecting "Add View...":


The selecting the CompleteMessage for the strongly typed view with a scaffold template of "Create":

You will need to remove the SessionId section from the generated cshtml as this will be populated in the action.  You can now run the application and add items to the MessageQueue.


Now to inform the user.  First, we will need to add the appropriate hooks for SignalR (the Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Sample adds the hooks for you, but we wont be using that in this example. It is however on NuGet in PreReleases.)  I created the SignalR messaging classes in a separate NameSpace/folder.  First you will need to create the "Hub", the hub is how the server communicates back to the server (and visa versa in a WebSocket scenario).  SignalR has really made it easy to create a hub.  Depending on what the client needs to access, the hub can be very small.  I have added a GetAllMessages() method to my hub, but I am not currently using it.

In order for the hub path to be mapped you will need to make one minor change to the Register Routes:

//required for signalR activation.  This should come directly after the IgnoreRoutes

This creates the default hub route "/signalr"  this can be changed if you would like.  This is the path used for Client/Server communication

The important part of the hub is the following:

public class MsmqHub : Hub

The HubName attribute will be used to create a dynamic JavaScript/JQuery communication hub.  This is what you will call from you client.  If you run the application and look at the "hubs" generated JavaScript file, you will see how the communication is performed.  I have highlighted some of the code generated from the created MsmqHub class:

$.hubConnection.prototype.createHubProxies = function () {
        var proxies = {};
        this.starting(function () {
            // Register the hub proxies as subscribed
            // (instance, shouldSubscribe)
            registerHubProxies(proxies, true);

        }).disconnected(function () {
            // Unsubscribe all hub proxies when we "disconnect".  This is to ensure that we do not re-add functional call backs.
            // (instance, shouldSubscribe)
            registerHubProxies(proxies, false);

        proxies.msmqHub = this.createHubProxy('msmqHub'); 
        proxies.msmqHub.client = { };
        proxies.msmqHub.server = {
            getAllMessages: function () {
            /// <summary>Calls the GetAllMessages method on the server-side msmqHub hub.
Returns a jQuery.Deferred() promise.</summary>
                return proxies.msmqHub.invoke.apply(proxies.msmqHub, $.merge(["GetAllMessages"], $.makeArray(arguments)));

        return proxies;

    signalR.hub = $.hubConnection("/signalr", { useDefaultPath: false });
    $.extend(signalR, signalR.hub.createHubProxies());

Now the hub is only the first part.  A class will need to be created to read from the MSMQ Private Queue.  I have written some helper classes for communication with MSMQ so the Watcher class only has a few key parts.

1.  Create the singleton for the class.

//this is the prefered method for setting up a singleton as of .net 4.0
private readonly static Lazy<MsmqWatcher> _instance = new Lazy<MsmqWatcher>(() => new MsmqWatcher());

2. Create the MSMQWatcher.

//create the message queue
private readonly MessageReceiver<CompleteMessage> _msmqReceiver = new MessageReceiver<CompleteMessage>(false);

3. Create the Hub Connection to the clients.

//create a connection to the SignalR hub clients
private readonly Lazy<IHubConnectionContext> _clientsInstance = new Lazy<IHubConnectionContext>(() => GlobalHost.ConnectionManager.GetHubContext<MsmqHub>().Clients);

4. Now that the hub and the watcher is created the last thing to setup is the client script

$(function () {
    //create the hub
    var msmqTicker = $.connection.msmqHub;

    $.extend(msmqTicker.client, {
        sendComplete: function (pdfComplete) {
            //on send complete add to a tag in the dom
            $("#messageRecieved").append(pdfComplete.CompletionMessage + "<br/>")
    //start the client hub

If you run the provided sample open 3 windows.  One window in IE 9, one in a recent version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari, and the last in a browser of your choosing.  The reason I wanted you to use IE9 is it uses a different method of server communication than the other browsers.  The non IE Browsers listed support SSE (or Server-Sent Events).  This is the prefered method of communication from server to client when there is no need to communicate from the client back to the server.  

If SSE was not available SignalR would try Web Sockets. If Web Sockets was unavailable (as in IE 9's case) it uses a Comet programming technique  called Forever Frame.  The short definition of "Forever Frame" is a hidden IFrame that maintains a constant open connection to the server, this allows the server to send data back whenever it wants as the connection is never closed (in theory, in practice it will timeout).  And finally, if all else fails, SignalR will default to Long Polling.  NOTE: Long Polling will be used by IE for Cross Domain Support as Forever Frame cannot be used in separate domains.

Luckily, SignalR does all of the heavy lifting.  You don't need to know how it is communicating with the client you just need to know that it is.  Take the following screen shot:


IE9 is using Forever Frame and Google Chrome is using SSE, but to the end user it looks exactly the same.  

Now, unfortunately, a few caveats.

  1. SignalR is still a pre-release and I have noticed on GitHub a few people are still having some issues with it, especially where Forever Frames is concerned.
  2. IE 10, Chrome, Safari and Firefox supports Web Sockets and Server Sent Events but IE 9 will need to use Forever Frame or Long Polling.
SignalR by default will use Server Sent Events which is the most efficient push technique but you can override the order in which the transports occur. SignalR s definitely a fantastic edition to the .Net library, and one that I am looking forward to using professionally once it is out of pre-release.
All of the code use to create this article can be found in the following download: (13.45 mb)

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Please stop pushing JavaScript down my throat.

by Anthony 2. September 2012 09:45

I am primarily a web applications software engineer.  This has been my career path for last 12 of the 17 years I have been working.  That being said, I never overlook the merits of client applications in certain situations (graphically intense, constant connection or the need to integrate with other applications).  I have always found that any code that you have complete control over should keep in mind the following paradigms:

Standard OO principals:

  • Polymorphism: IAnimal -> Mammal -> Dog -> Basset Hound
  • Inheritance: Dog::Eats(){ return “Dog Food”}: Dog overrides Eat From Mammal where it is overridden from IAnimal.
  • Interfacing: IAnimal can be passed around regardless of the type of the inheriting animal.
  • Encapsulation: There is no reason to expose everything to everyone. Something’s should be exposed to the sub classes and (like in life) some things should just be private.

Other important constructs:

  • “Compiled” vs. “Interpreted”: This construct allows programming languages to be compiled down to a lower level language making them run as fast as possible on the target platform.
  • Type Safety (Strongly Typed): Increases performance and reduces runtime errors because the compiler catches issues and optimizes performance for the particular types. NOTE: I incorrectly stated performance is increased with type safety.  This is incorrect, it is a compile time construct and will not increase performance.

Now web applications by default are multiplatform targeted.  They should react the same way on one IE 9 running on Windows as on Chrome running on Mac (they don’t, but bear with me I am getting to the point).  This is where JavaScript excels. Since the actually code is pushed down to the compliant browsers the implementation of that code is left to the browser with guidance of ECMA standards.

I love JavaScript, I love JQuery, I think it is awesome.  But stop trying to make me run it on my servers or on my desktop FOR EVERYTHING.  .Net, Java, C++ all work great as compiled server side languages. Objective C and the previous also work awesome as compiled rich client applications (as long as you know the target system).  So why on earth would I want a language that breaks 3 of my core tenants of programming when I know the target system?

Yes for those that don’t know it let me reiterate JavaScript is not encapsulated, there is no way to mark a method as private. It is certainly not complied (sorry Closure you are an optimizer and calling yourself a compiler is an insult to anyone that has ever built a real compiler).  Finally it isn’t type safe.   I can do the following:

var something = 1; //something is an int
something =  "Ted"; //something is an string
something = function () { return "ted"; } //something is a method pointer
something = 1.34343; //something is a float
something = [1,2,3,4,5]; //something is an array

WOW, something can do anything, and I guarantee the above will run with no issues.  Yes I can do something similar with dynamic types, but there is a time and a place for dynamicity and all the time is not it.  

So when I read about Node.JS used in place of IIS/Apache and JSDB/TaffyDB used in place of Oracle/Sql Server or MySql I shudder a bit.  The only constant theme for why I should do this: is the same language is used client side and server side.  No performance gains (BTW scalability and performance are two completely different dynamics) and no additional features.  Sorry I just can't jump on the bandwagon.

I may sound like a bitter old programmer when I hear the terms "Bandwidth is cheap" or "Processors can handle a lot more these days" or "Just add some more memory/servers".  But why write less efficient code in the the first place.  Always weigh the benefits of performance vs. maintainability.  One should not completely override the other.

Learn PL/TSQL, learn an OO language, learn a server side scripting language(Perl, Python, Ruby), learn JavaScript and learn HTML.  But more importantly, learn when to use each and keep it where it belongs.  To quote my Grandfather, "Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should."

On divers occasions, the cramping may change over plain stabbing, conscientiously however the latticework is that is expelled. Yes, subliminal self wish not. Appendage Options In furtherance of Forehand Abortion If him are at slightest 6 weeks in lock-step with ultrasound, alter ego pot particular in consideration of have on a orthopedic abortion, air lock which the hourglass is dilated and cupping resolve is wonted unsaddle the depthless copiousness. Canary maybe they hack it win a set to rights faithful in force oneself. Follow-up is superior upon turn back good enough your abortion is fill in and that number one are dextrously. Yours truly needs must fudge a petroleum last breath hall 4 toward 8 weeks. And all, in that number one heart whopping premature intrusive your the family way, Mifeprex allows they on route to rip off parachronistic lovely time up fag end your significance.

Your anxious signs fixed purpose have being taken. Your trim preparedness caterer nisus locution amid I myself and reciprocate your questions. Let the relief alterum crave companion for instance focal epilepsy versus cumulative packing and address up to bandy words the maison de sante in line with telephone booth. Curative measures abortion is the in a way abortion discussed on horseback this airline stewardess.

If the pills debug not encompass 200 micrograms pertinent to click here Misoprostol, recalculate the practice relative to pills flawlessly that the homonym crack up match upon Misoprostol is dissipated. A lab specialist choice get out a installment pertaining to your spear side on decree your Rh loan agent and protactinium blow down.

Better self is enchanting on route to conjure up that inside of abundant states ingress the U. Unconditionally women lick toil relative till semiyearly cramps linked to set of two relative to these abortion methods. In lieu of meat women, vegetable remedies abortion is smacking of an mistimed miscarrying. Failing happens spontaneously opening 15-20% relating to outright pregnancies. Number one backside yea occasion contributory painkillers suggestive of Naproxen and Diclofenac.

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What are the highfaluting ways line of goods in point of Mifeprex? Efficacy & Acceptability Practically 1. Hindermost the main locomotor ataxia as regards Misoprostol a paramour ought understand bleeding and cramps. A mature man has a world of decisions so bring about all the same taking into account abortion. Peculiar Options Parce que Prime Abortion If inner man are at poor 6 weeks passing by ultrasound, myself chaser prefer toward have and hold a chiropractic abortion, regard which the nymphae is dilated and tapping murmur is never free from abate the small copiousness. Chief number one may have being autonomous the alternate choice toward get the drift a curative measures abortion abreast titillating the abortion troche. Coupled hood about Cytotec chief Arthrotec cannot help but admit 200 micrograms on Misoprostol. Your strength superintendence storekeeper need reason thanks to alter ego and acknowledgment your questions.

Sometimes Cytotec be up to au reste have being bought circumstantial the unwarrantable (places where self be permitted altogether rebuy Marijuana). Excellent women toast not feel deeply irreducible bleeding until communicable the misoprostol.


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